A Smart Alternative to Building Your Own Studio

tumblr_mwj3ozr5By1qav5oho1_1280The concept of renting rather than buying gear isn’t new to the professional video production world.

What would be the point of buying expensive gear that won’t be used often when you can just rent?

This concept isn’t just limited to “the pros.”




Tip of the Day – KISS — Keep it Short Stupid


According to a Wistia report, more people will complete watching a 1 minute video than a 2 minute video.

In another experiment, two videos were shown to two sets of users:

  • Both videos were identical except for the fact that the second one was 10 seconds longer.
  •  On an average, viewers watched the shorter one 72% of the way through while the longer one was watched 50% of the way through.

And I rest my case.


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