Alias Studio Sydney and Pozible

Alias Studio and Funkstar International commenced investment in worthwhile Kickstarter and Pozible projects in June 2013.


It is strangely ironic that our first financial support should be to this project. Veronica Mars was well-regarded and there was an outpouring of fan support when it was cancelled by the CW network in 2007. But at that time there was little they could do.

Until now.

Kickstarter – and in our country, Pozible – were seen by us to be a real and effective area of finance for creative projects of all kinds. Film. Television. And music.

The smart ones listened to the opp presented.

Veronica Mars sought 2 million dollars to produce the Veronica Mars movie. The total budget was raised within 24 hrs.

The project required $2 million to commence production. The total raised was $5,702,153

Well done and we look forward to seeing the movie in 2014.



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