GoPro cameras are fantastic for capturing life’s most amazing adventures though sometimes with some adjustments they can be even better. With ProDRENALIN, your raw action/sports videos can be quickly and easily refined into more stunning, professional looking productions using simple yet effective tools. ProDRENALIN is a ridiculously simple & affordable tool for automatically removing fisheye & perspective distortion, stabilizing, correcting rolling-shutter, and even de-noising the video.

spacerspacerKey features and benefits

  • Fully compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras
  • Automatically corrects fisheye and perspective distortion
  • Award-winning video stabilization technology out of the box
  • Rolling-shutter correction
  • De-noising – ProDRENALIN effectively removes random image sensor noise and sharpens the video with 3 quality options
  • Easy to use color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment tools
  • Batch processing capability
  • Support for 4K and 2.7K videos
  • Imports profiles from proDAD Defishr


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