Haight Ashbury – Before The Music Died

A television drama set in San Francisco in the late 1960’s written by Alan Kaye of Alias Studio.

Alan says… “Haight has a unique development history. The series requires wall-to-wall music from that period and the licensing fees would cripple a cable series, even one financed by HBO.  Especially when you consider the series second life on DVD and digital downloads.

Ask Jerry Bruckheimer whose Cold Case will probably never see the light of day on DVD. China Beach had the same problem which took years to resolve. La Femme Nikita, the list goes on… They all relied heavily on original recordings from the time and only had television licenses. So when it came to DVD they simply couldn’t justify the additional license fees given the expected financial return. Even replacing ALL the music with covers is of course a momentous task.

So, given I have access to some of the finest musicians and singers who often perform in covers bands why not solve that problem first?

Ironically, the idea of a covers band performing some of the most popular and influential songs from the Summer of Love has generated considerable interest with marketers and venues.

So Haight-Ashbury – Before the Music Died will be a working band before the series. A completely separate project.”

More on this shortly.

Alias Studio Haight-Ashbury on tumblr

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