Jack of All Trades, Master of None OR True Renaissance Man? Don’t limit yourself…

wmwydarkI annoy a lot of people, I think… At the beginning of my professional career, I wrote. I wanted a start in filmmaking and being an Aries, starting as a production runner or gopher just didn’t suit my personality.  But directing was my goal, I think better and come alive when dealing with other people. Writers spend too much time sitting alone. Screw that.

Naturally I wanted control. This was at a time though when owing your own professional equipment, self-funding your own films and then distributing them was just prohibitive cost-wise.

Meanwhile, the internet arrived. Yet I knew nothing about computers and, more importantly, how to build a website. So I threw myself into learning that… graphic design, coding HTML, Flash (remember that) etc etc but the main thing, THE thing I saw as early as the late 90’s was that video will be future of the web. Even mobile devices would be able to deliver quality video imagery. The early indicators were there for me, it was just a matter of time.

My web design company did well and all of a sudden the professional technology to make films became affordable Cameras, professional lighting, edit suites in a box, sound post etc etc. Amazing. So I created a studio to service the video needs of web clients and along the way learned cinematography sound, you name it. Ten years ago I knew nothing about cinematography – I knew how I wanted things to look, but needed a DP. Now others approach me to shoot THEIR films. Youtube and vimeo and others emerged. Then crowdfunding. The loop was complete.

So what’s the take-away from this? Some may argue that those aspiring to extensive knowledge in a variety of fields do not ever master a field. In truth, today you can master something you are passionate about, and yet aspire for advanced competence in many areas.

The true benefit comes in making the attempt, not in achieving perfection. By simply aspiring and seeking knowledge and wisdom in fields that impact all of our lives, you will become a better man, and certainly have a shot at being an indisputable Renaissance man. The opportunities offered today in filmmaking demand it, I’d argue. Then you can annoy people too.

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