Alias pleased to welcome Jim Duffy as special consultant and RS Rizing LLC (Washington) as a client



Jim Duffy is widely respected and has recognized technical leadership skills, with 33+ years of demonstrated success as a Chief Engineer and/or Systems Engineer of manned spacecraft systems

[Space Shuttle, NASP (X-30), X-33, X-38/CRV, ESA’s CTV, 2nd Generation RLV, Orbital Space Plane, and COTS (Cygnus)]

Extensive experience in all aspects of Project Management, with particular specialties in Risk Management, Change Control and Configuration Management, Proposal Development, Cost Estimation, Earned Value Management, and Decision Analyses. [45 years of management/leadership positions in 7 organizations]

Army-strong foundation for leadership with service as a combat Infantry Officer in Vietnam and a Jungle Expert instructor in Panama [3 Bronze Stars for Valor in combat, Purple Heart, and other awards]



R&S Rizing LLC

– Present Washington D.C. Metro Area

I am available part time to help others in the aerospace industry and other businesses through consulting services, lectures, or short courses in Project Management and/or Systems Engineering — and of course human spaceflight.spacer

2000px-US-FederalAviationAdmin-Seal.svgDirector of Strategic Planning

Federal Aviation Administration

(5 years 1 month)Washington, DC

I finalized the procedures for implementing Human Space Flight Informed Consent regulations and prepared the associated HSF Safety Record. I performed detailed assessments and analysis of generic faults and potential hazards for both suborbital and orbital space transportation systems, comparing these for both winged and ballistics systems. I developed the AST Strategic Plan to forecast industry activities and required AST capabilities out to year 2025. I also prepared AST budget requests and managed AST budgetary, IT, and human capital resources.


orbital-sciences-corp-logoDirector of Engineering

Orbital Sciences Corporation

(9 years)Dulles, VA

COTS — Technical leader for proposal development and initial design of Orbital’s COTS Visiting Vehicle (Cygnus) for commercial cargo delivery to ISS. I developed the Cygnus Business Plan, Concept of Operations, Interface Control Documents, and the initial specifications for all Cygnus subsystems.

Star-2 Satellites — Engineering Director of all Chief Engineers and Systems Engineers supporting Orbital’s Star-2 GEO satellite product line. I was responsible for maintaining and evolving this successful product line and for modifying internal processes in order to improve productivity and profitability. I initiated development of design-based simulation software for the integrated verification of a complete satellite electrical, power, command and telemetry, software, and harness design.

NASA Human Spaceflight studies — Technical leader of NASA lunar exploration and manned spacecraft studies. I created the Blended Lifting Body spacecraft design, which vastly improved the aerodynamic performance and abort capabilities of the PLS (HL-20) design. I also developed an advanced capsule spacecraft design with abort from orbit capability in a dead spacecraft, and developed advanced dual-mode propulsion system and engine concepts for manned spacecraft. I lead the development of a transportation architecture from Earth to the lunar surface that provided full mission abort capability in all trajectory modes, and created a lunar surface habitation and surface transportation architecture and mission manifest.

Orbital Space Plane

Orbital Space Plane



STAR-2.4 geosat

STAR-2.4 geosatspacer


MAN Technologie

(2 years)Munich, Germany

Private consultant to MAN Technologie and Société Européenne des Satellites (SES) for project management and system engineering (including risk management, design-to-cost). I provided technical and management assistance to MAN on ESA development programs; including the ESA International Berthing and Docking System and the ISS Cupola, and developed specifications for all ESA contributions to the NASA CRV (X-38).

ESA CRV contributions

ESA CRV contributionsspacer

rockwell1_4280a9deb23f1f39b50ad38e31a523a5Project Manager

Rockwell International

(25 years)Greater Los Angeles Area

ESA CTV and NASA X-38/CRV – I lead a team of Rockwell’s Apollo & Shuttle experts to provide technical advice to ESA and MAN Technologie for the European manned spacecraft (CTV) and launch abort systems, plus ESA contributions to the NASA CRV (X-38).

X-33 – I developed concepts for highly automated RLV launch and ground processing facilities utilizing an international team of American and Russian launch pad designers.

Advanced Transportation System Studies – I lead a team to evaluate launch and re-entry vehicle concepts for NASA, with special emphasis on Man-Rating requirements. I analyzed technical integration of PLS onto expendable launch systems (NLS). I analyzed and simulated Space Shuttle ground processing to establish the integrated system flight rate capabilities as a function of facility sizing and utilization (or vice-versa).

NASP (X-30) – I created new risk management techniques (I invented the Risk Waterfall diagram) and developed risk mitigation plans for all of NASP’s many technical challenges.

Space Shuttle (Orbiter Project Office) – Vehicle Project Manager of all Rockwell engineering and manufacturing support to Columbia’s flight operations and verification of flight-ready status. I managed conversion of Columbia from flight test to operational configuration. As Propulsion & Power Project Engineer, I managed all hardware modifications to the Shuttle fleet for propulsion and power generation subsystems for STS-1 and the Orbital Flight Tests.

Space Shuttle (Aerosciences) – I developed TCS designs for Space Shuttle propulsion and power subsystems (APU, OMS/RCS). I invented the “dual radiation plane” method of analyzing heat loss from rocket engines. I personally inspected TCS installations on all Orbiter fluid lines to clear manufacturing defects before STS-1, preparing and teaching the certification courses for installation and inspection of all Space Shuttle Orbiter thermal control equipment to all KSC technicians and inspectors.

Columbia STS-1

Columbia STS-1



Rockwell X-33

Rockwell X-33spacer

new6777Chief Engineer for Tactical Navigation Systems

Rockwell – Autonetics

(4 years)Anaheim, California

Engineering manager for production of ultra-high performance inertial navigation systems (aircraft and submarines) – included the DMINS and ESGN line of IMUs. Implemented improvements in reliability and repair techniques that improved performance. Completed the first USAF software audit per MIL-STD-2167 with no deficiencies (amazing the auditors!). Successfully managed 100 contracts with 1,000 subaccounts — all within 1% of CV.


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