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“The knowledge of photography is just as important as that of the alphabet. The illiterate of the future will be ignorant of pen and camera alike”

Maholy-Nagy (Bauhaus master, 1935)

It’s 2016… There are now more Apple iPhones sold per second than there are babies born in the world. This has been true for over two years.

Meanwhile Snapchat Sees More Daily Photos Than Facebook at around 400 million posts per day.

The world that children are born into is very busy communicating through images. It’s unprecedented.

Yet visual literacy isn’t taught in primary schools… not directly anyway.

Picture This! Where visual literacy is taught through popular songs and a generation can be empowered and entertained simultaneously.

The project, conceived by Alan Kaye of Alias has been attracting songwriters from all over the world due to its aim and the potential size of the audience.

Some of them have been responsible for some of the most popular songs of the last thirty years. A simple message was sent out by Alan:

‘No Wiggles crap. These songs must stand by themselves as well-written and performed. They must entertain the parents also. If you don’t understand the history of pop and can’t tell a story, then don’t apply!”

More to come.


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