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The ‘Prince of Darkness’ – Gordon Willis 1931 -2014

the godfather

Gordon Willis was an American cinematographer best known for his work on Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather series as well as Woody Allen’s Annie Hall and Manhattan.

One critic suggested that “more than any other director of photography, Willis defined the cinematic look of the 1970s.

‘The Prince of Darkness’ a non-linear documentary about the work of Gordon Willis is being developed by Alias Studio.

Watching Me Watching You

wmwy2Watching Me Watching You is an eight-part television series about the voyeur in us all.

If Blow-Up met The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, what would the result be? A female photographer has access to a secret world… but can she keep her secret?

Famous on the internet, only her closest friend knows the truth.

Swinging London 2016…

Should she reveal all?

Haight Ashbury – Before The Music Died

haight-ashbury-2new-darkA television drama set in San Francisco in the late 1960’s written by Alan Kaye of Alias Studio.

Alan says… “Haight has a unique development history. The series requires wall-to-wall music from that period and the licensing fees would cripple a cable series, even one financed by HBO.  Especially when you consider the series second life on DVD and digital downloads.

Ask Jerry Bruckheimer whose Cold Case will probably never see the light of day on DVD. China Beach had the same problem which took years to resolve. La Femme Nikita, the list goes on… They all relied heavily on original recordings from the time and only had television licenses. So when it came to DVD they simply couldn’t justify the additional license fees given the expected financial return. Even replacing ALL the music with covers is of course a momentous task.

So, given I have access to some of the finest musicians and singers who often perform in covers bands why not solve that problem first?

Ironically, the idea of a covers band performing some of the most popular and influential songs from the Summer of Love has generated considerable interest with marketers and venues.

So Haight-Ashbury – Before the Music Died will be a working band before the series. A completely separate project.”

More on this shortly.

Picture This!

Untitled-5“The knowledge of photography is just as important as that of the alphabet. The illiterate of the future will be ignorant of pen and camera alike”

Maholy-Nagy (Bauhaus master, 1935)

It’s 2015… There are now more Apple iPhones sold per second than there are babies born in the world. This has been true for over two years.

Meanwhile Snapchat Sees More Daily Photos Than Facebook at around 400 million posts per day.

The world that children are born into is very busy communicating through images. It’s unprecedented.

Yet visual literacy isn’t taught in primary schools… not directly anyway.

Picture This! Where visual literacy is taught through popular songs and a generation can be empowered and entertained simultaneously.

The project, conceived by Alan Kaye of Alias has been attracting songwriters from all over the world due to its aim and the potential size of the audience.

Some of them have been responsible for some of the most popular songs of the last thirty years. A simple message was sent out by Alan:

‘No Wiggles crap. These songs must stand by themselves as well-written and performed. They must entertain the parents also. If you don’t understand the history of pop and can’t tell a story, then don’t apply!”

More to come.

The Hammer

Written by Alan Kaye, Alias CEO. A two-part television drama set in Germany in the latter stages of the second world war.

Alan Kaye on this… ‘This one has an interesting development history. I gave a talk on Joseph Campbell and the need always to explore bringing myth into your storytelling always, even in marketing. The journey has to be there or its just dull. In the middle of this talk, which was about why most erotica is dull (of all things!) it just came… People carry on, even in the most dire circumstances.

After the firebombing of Dresden in February 1945 where over 30,000 died – or more, depending on who you believe – the mail still got delivered, the trams ran, parking tickets still got written.

Now, in the midst of all this carnage what price is one life? Would you bother to investigate a murder and pursue a killer with all this going on? The female detective at the center of this investigation does. It’s her job and it keeps her together while everything else is falling apart.”

More to follow on this…

Dream Exchange

alias-studio-sydney-creative-2Details coming.




01_Style33Details coming.


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