steph1aspacerInternet TV has moved into the mainstream.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 57 percent of Internet users watch video online, and among users age 18-29, that number jumps to 74 percent.

If you’re building a web media property either as your primary focus or as part of a multiplatform initiative, you need an online video strategy to stay competitive.

Video draws audiences, keeps them engaged in your site, creates more repeat visits, and generates viral pass- along behavior in ways that text content can’t. Moreover, incorporating video into your site opens a whole new category of advertising opportunities that command
a significantly higher CPM than traditional banner and text ads.

spacerspacerWhat is VideoPROblogger?

Businesses must video-blog.  YouTube is one of the biggest search engines. Use it to promote your brand, products and services.

You weren’t trained to be a professional film-maker and bespoke ‘amateur’ videos simply don’t cut it. They will embarrass you and your business. The VideoPROblogger app will provide tuition in every aspect of making your own videos better.

The final stages of developing the app are almost complete. All content is produced by Alias Studio Sydney and our collaborators world-wide.

Stay tuned.

We can also leverage your online social media and responsive website to reach out to a greater audience.



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