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Alias Studio (Canada)

To better serve our new Aerospace, Nanotechnology, and Nanomedicine clients we are pleased to engage Frank Boehm of Vancouver Canada to represent Alias.

A true entrepreneur and author of the respected reference book: Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions, Frank is the CEO of NanoApps Medical Inc.

NanoApps Medical, Inc. was incorporated by Frank Boehm in 2009 with the goal of developing advanced nanomedical technologies for the benefit of individuals in both the developing and developed worlds.

Frank is also currently working on his new book  Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, and AI: Toward the Dream of Global Health Care Equivalency which will articulate how synergies between nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and AI may enable the vision of Global Health Care Equivalency (GHCE) on a global scale.

Apart from this new venture, Alias Studio (Sydney) is privileged to be invited to contribute to this new book and be designated Director of Communications of NanoApps Medical Inc (Vancouver) in their dealings with both the Aerospace Industry and the nanotechnology, nanomedicine and space medicine fields.

More to come!



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