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This is a responsive site…

Ipad, iphone or Android – computer, tablet or phone – this site will reconfigure itself to give you the version that best suits your viewing experience – one site for all devices

In 2018 very little work actually needs to be done on a “real” computer.

Editing a Wordpess site, working with Photoshop or Indesign and editing a video… these are are things that are still best done using lots of computing power and a large screen or two.

However… managing email, reading blog posts, participating in social media and consuming content in various forms  – these can all be done, sometimes much more conveniently, using a mobile or tablet device.

And as these devices become more prevalent and more powerful people will adopt them for all but a handful of business and personal tasks.

So you must reach this audience, most of whom are probably frustrated and annoyed that your content isn’t mobile friendly.

There are a number of methods to consider in the mobile content display category but we recommend the Responsive solution.

Responsive Design



The intelligent and popular option that embraces the idea that all content should be viewed from one site design.

Responsive design responds to the viewing environment and adapts layout, orientation and size based on the screen. Design elements, images and text adapt via CSS rather than plugins or add-ons.

This site employs responsive design via a custom child theme and I believe the mobile experience and subsequent rise in mobile views, time on site via mobile and decreased mobile bounce rate attest to the value of the enhanced user experience.

In our view, this is the approach that most websites should employ today.

Other Solutions

  • Mobile Plugins

If you are a WordPress user you can add a plugin like WPTouch that makes your content much more consumable on mobile devices, but comes at the cost of very little in terms of design flexibility.

In other words, it’s not the best looking option.

  • Mobile Only Content

You can also find mobile designers that use a tool like Duda Mobile to recreate your site as a mobile version. This offers design flexibility and even allows you to highlight the most useful content that someone on the go might desire.

The downside is this becomes another expensive asset you have to update and maintain.

  • Mobile App

The custom app was once the Holy grail of mobile content.

Think about it – someone is going to download your app and then have total access to your content in a variety of interactive and engaging formats. What’s not to love about that?

The problem is nobody (or at least not many) wants your app – no matter how much they might like your content.

Which brings us to…

  • Mobile Video

A side note – think about mobile video.

With the expansion of 4G, LTE video consumption on mobile devices has skyrocketed.

A subset of responsive design is responsive video design. Use tools like FitVid or custom CSS to make sure your videos resize to tablet and mobile screens.

Ours do.


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