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spacerAgencies that practice traditional advertising have been reporting loss of revenue annually for at least the last two years.

But digital agencies like Alias are doing increasingly better, even in the harsh financial climate.

With this prolonged recession, times have been tough for everyone. Companies, who in the past would not have blinked an eye at dropping millions on an ad campaign, now need to monitor their money very carefully.

Companies need to continue marketing,  or risk losing their share of the market but they also need to see a solid return on their marketing investments.

Content marketing is increasingly the go-to mode of marketing for companies. Stats can be pulled from various sources that show, beat by beat, or, rather, click by click, how successful their campaign is.

Another tangible advantage of content marketing is that it has cumulative value. It is not finite, a pitfall of most traditional advertising strategies. And now more than ever, companies want more for their dollar. All valuable content is archived and adds a fullness to any company blog or site and that adds to credibility.

So although the recession is affecting most companies – and individuals – it has stimulated the content marketing field — and for all the right reasons.

Look in the mirror – in today’s accelerated visual environment YOU are content also.

Actually, you always were. Only now you cannot hide.spacer

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Posted by Amanda on September 24 2014:

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