Alias Studio’s ‘Meridiian’ – a joint venture with R&S Rizing Washington

Alias Studio Sydney is creating “Greenpeace in Space” and its attracting some of the best minds in Aerospace.

Orbital Debris Problem to Triple by 2030spacer“If we care about Global Warming, we should care about this issue. It’s about our future. Greenpeace’s ball of string ends here on earth. This is limited thinking… this problem will affect everyone in time… from the businesses like Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and many others who aim at space, to the insurance companies who underwrite them, to someone using GPS on their phone.”

Alan Kaye – Alias Studio Sydney.spacer

Everything that human beings launch high enough into space will ultimately be at risk. As long as an object is above the last traces of Earth’s atmosphere, it will stay in orbit for thousands or even millions of years.

Eventually, whether a month or a millennium after launch, it will hit one of the millions of other objects orbiting Earth. That collision will generate new fragments, which will go whirling around the planet until they, too, are involved in collisions. Over time everything in Earth’s orbit risks being ground into celestial scrap.

The debris hazard is unique in being a product of our environmental negligence. After just forty years in space we have seriously polluted the final frontier.

According to Molly Macauley, a debris expert and a senior fellow at the nonprofit environmental organization Resources for the Future, “It’s going to take a major catastrophic debris event, probably involving loss of life, before this issue gets widespread attention.”

In 1987 the World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

In space we are failing the sustainability test miserably.

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