Hitchcock – Reputations – BBC Documentary in two parts

Posted by Alan Kaye

Both in person and now more often online, I speak with a lot of young – and not so young – aspiring filmmakers.

It’s an exciting time for cinema but I find myself actually getting bored and irritated quite often. More and more I probe to see why someone actually wants to make a film and ask – even demand – to know why do you think this idea of yours will appeal to anyone apart from your immediate family and friends all of whom seem to know nothing about the history of cinema. Or life, for that matter.

I will hear about the latest technology and the pittance they raised from their crowdfunding and nothing about what really matters.

You cannot define and create the future while ignoring the rich lessons from the past.

Hitchcock? Well, I know who I studied and admire, the list is quite long actually… Truffaut, Welles, Ford, Friedkin, Schlesinger, Antonioni and countless others. I could go on. Taste is subjective, sure, but the absence of most modern filmmakers from my list is telling.

Enjoy the documentaries.photo-tournage-coulisse-cinema-TheBirds-04-1024x812

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