Injury – Updating when I can!

7878789Thank you for all the emails wishing me well!

For those who have asked what happened… I woke up one morning three weeks ago in excruciating pain in my right arm and shoulder. No reason for it, hadn’t done anything extreme physically, nor had an accident. Happened out of the blue, like lightning. The level of pain was unbelievable.

Wasted time with Drs who didn’t have a clue – all they did was prescribe strong painkillers that didn’t work. After they foolishly diagnosed a torn tendon in my shoulder, I consulted a chiropractor/acupuncturist who ordered an X ray of my cervical spine (neck vertebrae).

The X ray reveled the lower vertebrae in my neck are too close together causing the Ulnar nerve roots to get compressed… this causes the pain in my shoulder and thru to the tip of my right hand. There’s a lesson here… while there is no real way of knowing how this came to be, it has happened over time. Most probably many years of computer usage in my work and wrong posture when using the computer.

My chiro says its really common these days and that’s the usual cause.

Anyway, thanks to daily acupuncture and bi-daily chiro I’m feeling much better.

Update September 12:

Adding posts when I can. Feeling a lot better but it’s still hard to type and use mouse. Getting there!

Update September 5:

Still not very functional but added a few posts. Thank you for all the emails!!!

August 31:

I’m right-handed. Cant type easily and certainly cant use a mouse – way, way too painful right now – so there wont be any posts for a few days while I suffer thru physio and chiro, taking painkillers that don’t relieve pain!

Back soon.


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