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You see the need to produce video for your marketing but don’t have the internal resources – both creative and technical.

We can help. Clients have different needs and depending on your purpose of producing a video, we will provide you with a solution that fits into your budget. Alias has a network of filmmakers world-wide and we can oversee your production from our base in Sydney Australia – from script development through to on-line release.

All final post-production is done by Alias in Sydney. This includes final color grading and sound mastering.


What is VideoPROblogger?

Businesses must video-blog.  YouTube is one of the biggest search engines. Use it to promote your brand, products and services.

You weren’t trained to be a professional film-maker and bespoke ‘amateur’ videos simply don’t cut it. They will embarrass you and your business. The VideoPROblogger app will provide tuition in every aspect of making your own videos better.

The final stages of developing the app are almost complete. All content is produced by Alias Studio Sydney and our collaborators world-wide.

Stay tuned.

We can also leverage your online social media and responsive website to reach out to a greater audience.


Can we use or rent your studio facilities?

Alias Studio is a fully-equipped video production and post-production facility and is available for hire.

All enquiries 0412 779 323

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